Thaw and Serve Bread

  Description Stock Code
Fletchers Thick White Bread
Fletchers Thick Sliced White Bread [8x1] FZABR100
Fletchers Thick Wholemeal Bread
Fletchers Thick Sliced Wholemeal Bread [8x1] FZABR113
Fletchers White Sliced Bloomer
Fletchers White Sliced Bloomer [6x1] FZABR126
Malted Bloomer
Fletchers Malted Brown Sliced Bloomer [6x1] FZABR133
Assorted Mini Classic Rolls
Panesco Assorted Mini Classic Rolls [4x25x35g] FZABR151
PB Small White Baguette
Schulstad Part Baked Small White Baguette [30x135g] FZABR191
White Sandwich Baguette
LBF Thaw & Serve White Sandwich Baguette [40x130g] FZABR214
Malted Wheat Baguette
LBF Thaw & Serve Malted Wheat Sandwich Baguette [40x130g] FZABR223
Fully Baked Ciabatta
Panesco Fully Baked Ciabatta [45x120g] FZABR241
Ciabatta Loaf 300g
Schulstad Ciabatta Loaf [20x300g] FZABR255
4in Floured Bap
Kara 4" Floured Baps [48] FZABR302
4in Seeded Bun
Kara MK4 Seeded Burger Buns [48] FZABR307
4.5in Seeded Bun
Kara MK4.5 Seeded Burger Buns [48] FZABR317
5in Floured Bap
Kara MK5 Floured Bap [48] FZABR322
5in Seeded Bun
Kara MK5 Seeded Burger Buns [48] FZABR327
5in Multed Grain Bap
Kara MK5 Malted Grain Bap [48] FZABR332
Kara MK6 Top Dog Roll
Kara MK6 Top Dog Roll [48] FZABR350
Jumbo Hot Dog Roll
Americana Jumbo 'Side Sliced' Hot Dog Roll [48] FZABR354
Top Sliced Jumbo Hot Dog Roll
Kara MK8 Top Sliced Jumbo Hot Dog Roll [48] FZABR360
Kara Sandwich Softies
Kara Sandwich Softies [54x100g] FZABR364
Plain White Panini Bread
Panesco Plain Panini Bread [45x125g] FZABR382
Bagel Nash Plain Bagels
Bagel Nash Plain Bagels [48x115g] FZABR751
Bacon Cheese B Break
Bridor Bacon & Cheese B'Break [40x70g] FZBDOR003
B Break Chorizo
Bridor Chorizo B'Break [40x70g] FZBDOR006

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