Ambient Food Category

Cake Decorations and Insertions

  Description Stock Code
Milk Chocolate Beans 3kg 2
Milk Chocolate Beans [3kg] CHO5916
Milk Chocolate Eggs 3kg 1
Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs [3kg] CHO6027
Dawn Milk Chocolate Flake Bars [1.2kg / 140] CHO6291
Dawn Milk Chocolate Flake Bars with 3 Breaks [1.2kg / 140] CHO6318
White Flake Bar
Dawn White Chocolate Flake Bar [1.2kg / 140] CHO6327
Milk Chocolate Tops
Milk Chocolate Tops [1700] CHO6345
Milk Chocolate Cigarelllos [700g] CHO6384
Plain Cigarello
Plain Chocolate Cigarellos - 10cm [700g] CHO6390
White Cigarello
White Chocolate Cigarellos - 10cm [700g] CHO6396
Curls Plain 2.76001.823
Dobla Dark Chocolate Curls [4kg] CHO6504
Curls Milk 2.76002.823
Dobla Milk Chocolate Curls [4kg] CHO6513
Curls White 2.76003.823
Dobla White Chocolate Curls [4kg] CHO6522
Curls Caramel 2.76056.823
Dobla Caramel Curls [4kg] CHO6531
Curls Strawberry 2.76142.823
Dobla Strawberry Curls[4kg] CHO6544
Dawn Mocha Coffee Beans
Mocha Beans [Approx 1000 - 1.1kg] COF4202
WPC21 Plain Choc Cookie Nibs
WPC21 Plain Choc Cookie Nibs [2.5kg] DAR5907
Milk Choc Cookie Nibs
WPC21 Plain Choc Cookie Nibs [12.5kg] DAR5910
Sweetmelt Banana
35mm Sweetmelt Banana [216] DECB09
Sweetmelt Carrot
SMC008 25mm Sweetmelt Carrot [260] DECC03
Dawn Marzipan Carrots [144] DECC21

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