Frozen Food Category

Savoury Slices

  Description Stock Code
Cheese and Ham Slice
Penny Lane Unbaked Cheese & Ham Slice [36x180g] FZBR258
Penny Lane Chicken Balti Slice
Penny Unbaked Lane Chicken Balti Slice [36x175g] FZBR293
David Wood Baking Cheese and Onion Slice
KB Unbaked Cheese & Onion Slice [30x180g] FZCF106
KB Unbaked Chicken Slice [30x180g] FZCF112
Chicken and Mushroom Slice
KB Unbaked Chicken & Mushroom Slice [30x180g] FZCF116
Chicken Curry Slice
KB Unbaked Chicken Curry Slice [30x180g] FZCF121
Peppered Steak Slice
KB Unbaked Steak Slice [30x180g] FZCF145
Wrights Chicken and Mushroom Slice
Wrights Unbaked Chicken And Mushroom Slice [36x175g] FZW2083
Wrights Peppered Steak Slice
Wrights Unbaked Peppered Steak Slice [36x175g] FZW2084
Wrights Unbaked Cheese, Potato & Onion Slice [36x175g] FZW2085
Wrights Unbaked Chicken & Ham Slice [36x175g] FZW2086
Sausage, Beans and Cheese Pasty
Wrights Unbaked Sausage, Beans And Cheese Slice [36x185g] FZW2309
Wrights Steak Slice
Wrights Unbaked Steak Slices [36x175g] FZW2499

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