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  Description Stock Code
ADM Chocolate Fudge Icing Mix [12.5kg] FUD3033
ADM Vanilla Fudge Icing Mix [12.5kg] FUD3078
Dawn Caramel Glossy Icing [14kg] GLOCAR18
Dawn Chocolate Frosting
Dawn Chocolate Frosting [6kg] FRO4219
Dawn Chocolate Glossy Icing
Dawn Chocolate Glossy Icing [14kg] GLOCHO27
Dawn Coffee Frosting
Dawn Coffee Frosting [6kg] FRO4222
Dawn Creme Cheese Icing
Dawn Creme Cheese Frosting [6kg] DAW4707
Dawn Dark 'N' Glossy Icing [14kg] GLODAR030
Dawn Fondant Sublime
Dawn Fondant Sublime [7kg] FON632
Dawn Lemon Frosting
Dawn Lemon Frosting [6kg] FRO4228
Dawn Orange Frosting
Dawn Orange Frosting [6kg] FRO4231
Dawn Strawberry Frosting
Dawn Strawberry Frosting [6kg] FRO4237
Dawn Toffee Frosting
Dawn Toffee Frosting [6kg] FRO4240
Dawn Vanilla Frosting
Dawn Vanilla Frosting [6kg] FRO4246
Dawn Vanilla Glossy Icing
Dawn Vanilla Glossy Icing [14kg] GLOVAN36
Dawn Wrappable Icing [12.5kg] WRA4479
Double Fudge Icing [12.5kg] DOU1200
Macphie 5th Avenue Caramel Doughnut
Macphie 5th Avenue Caramel Icing [12.5kg] AVE6506
Macphie 5th Avenue Chocolate Doughnut
Macphie 5th Avenue Chocolate Icing [12.5kg] AVE6521
Macphie 5th Avenue Coffee Doughnut
Macphie 5th Avenue Coffee Icing [12.5kg] AVE6551

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