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Sausage Rolls

Delicious baked & unbaked frozen sausage rolls ready for the oven. Our wholesale sausage rolls come in a variety of sizes. See our selection & order today.

  Description Stock Code
Korker's Sausage Rolls 6 inch
Korkers 6" Sausage Rolls [100] FZASR26
David Wood Baking Unbaked 8" Sausage Rolls [40x148g] FZCF309
Foot Long Sausage Roll
Proper Cornish Foot Long Sausage Roll [20x455g] FZPC044
7in Sausage Roll
Proper Cornish 7" Sausage Roll [60x155g] FZPC05
Chorizo Sausage Roll
Proper Cornish 6" Chorizo Roll [40x177g] FZPC580
Chunky Sausage Roll with Bacon and Maple Syrup
Proper Cornish Chunky Sausage Roll with Bacon & Maple Syrup [50x185g] FZPC607
School Compliant Sausage Roll
Proper Cornish School Compliant Sausage Roll [60x120g] FZPC876
Jumbo Sausage Roll
Wrights Unbaked Jumbo Sausage Rolls [48x160g] FZW2075
Wrights Sausage Rolls
Wrights Unbaked 6" Sausage Rolls [66x120g] FZW2120
Wrights 6-inch Sausage Roll
Wrights Baked & Wrapped 6" Sausage Rolls [60x110g] FZW2122
Cocktail Sausage Rolls
Wrights Unbaked 2.5" Cocktail Sausage Rolls [180x50g] FZW2125
Sausage Rolls Selection
Wrights Unbaked 4" Sausage Roll [108x80g] FZW2127
Wrights Sausage Rolls
Wrights Unbaked 6" Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls [66x120g] FZW2134
Wrights 6-inch Sausage Roll
Bradleys Unbaked 6" Sausage Roll [66x120g] FZW2217
Bradleys Jumbo Sausage Roll
Bradleys Unbaked Jumbo Sausage Roll [48x150g] FZW2218
Wrights 8" Sausage Rolls Selection
Wrights Unbaked 8" Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls [48x160g] FZW2246
Jumbo Sausage Roll Baked Wrapped
Wrights Baked & Wrapped Jumbo Sausage Rolls [35x150g] FZW2723
Wrights Unbaked 6" Premium Sausage Roll [40] FZW2797

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