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Our extensive selection of concentrates are ideal for breads, buns & all other baked goods. Find out more here & call to place an order today.

  Description Stock Code
Bakels Artisan 7% Bread Concentrate [12.5kg] ARTIS100
Avena Oat Bread Mix
Ireks Avena Oat Bread Concentrate [25kg] AVENA600
Bronze Soft Roll Paste Concentrate [12.5kg] BRON125
Baktem Blue 20% Bun Paste Concentrate [12.5kg] BUN1710
Macphie Bun Concentrate
Macphie Bun Paste Concentrate [12.5kg] BUN1728
Machpie Spiced Bun Concentrate
Macphie Spiced Bun Paste Concentrate [12.5kg] BUN1734
ADM Bun & Doughnut Powder Concentrate [16kg] BUN1860
Retro RSPO [4x3kg] CALIDA
Chia Bread Mix
Ireks Chia Bread Mix [12.5kg] CHIA200
Crusty Concentrate 5%
Bakels Crusty Concentrate 5% [25kg] CRU6581
Ireks Donker Bread Concentrate
Ireks Donker Bread Concentrate [25kg] DONKER70
Edme Maltcob Concentrate No.6 [20kg] MAL3885
Arkady Multiseed Gold Concentrate [16kg] MUL6310
Bakels Multiseed Bread Concentrate
Bakels Multiseed Bread Concentrate [16kg] MUL6494
Bakels Oat and Barley Concentrate
Bakels Oat & Barley Bread Concentrate [16kg] OAT6135
Bread Roll Concentrate
MNB Oatmill Bread And Roll Concentrate [10kg] OAT6153
Puratos Otentic Durum
O-Tentic Durum Intl [10x1kg] OTEN100
Premium 5% Roll
Bakels 5% Premium Roll Concentrate [12.5kg] PREM220
Energie Soft Roll 10 Powder Concentrate [12kg] SOF2740
Arkady Supersoft 2000M Soft Roll Paste Concentrate [12kg] SOFT2000

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