Frozen Food Category

Spicy Pasties and Slices

  Description Stock Code
KB Unbaked Chilli Beef Slice [30x180g] FZCF418
KB Unbaked Beef Kheema Curry Slice [30x180g] FZCF430
Proper Cornish Spicy Chicken and Chorizo Pasty
Proper Cornish Spicy Chicken & Chorizo Pasty [20x283g] FZPC06
Chicken Tikka Pasty
Wrights Unbaked Chicken Tikka Pasty [42x185g] FZW2090
Wrights Chicken Balti Pies
Wrights Unbaked Chicken Balti Pies [24x240g] FZW2166
Beef Patty
Unbaked Jamaican Beef Patty [20x150g] FZJPB11
Unbaked Jamaican Chicken Patty [20x150g] FZJPC23
Jamaican Jerk Chicken Patty
Unbaked Jamaican Jerk Chicken Patty [20x150g] FZJPCJ34
Jamaican Lamb Patty
Unbaked Jamaican Lamb Patty [20x150g] FZJPL45
Jamaican Vegetable Patty
Unbaked Jamaican Vegetable Patty [20x150g] FZJPV56

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