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When you serve breakfast and mid-morning tea and coffee, it makes sense to have a light and delicious option for your customers to enjoy. Wholesale frozen pastries are a great choice because they can be cooked fresh every day and provide your clientele with the decadence they want when they are away from home.

Our Range of Wholesale Danish Pastries

We know that giving your customers a wide range of choices is great for business, and so we work hard to come up with a number of different Danish pastries that you can order in bulk and store in your freezers until they are ready to be cooked fresh. Some of our most popular options include:

· Pain au chocolat · Pain au raisin · Maple and pecan plaits · Cinnamon swirls · Apple crowns · Apricot crowns · Vanilla crowns · Chocolate twists · And many more!

Each product is easy to bake and comes with full instructions for you to follow to get the golden look and delicious smell that your customers want to see.

Why You Need a Supplier You Can Trust

At Freestons, we make it our mission to provide you with the quality you need whenever you need it. We work with a large number of clients across the hospitality and care sectors, helping them to feed their people with the least fuss. If you want quality products and outstanding service, then call us today to find out more!

  Description Stock Code
Pain au Chocolat au Beurre
Panesco Fully Baked Pain Au Chocolat Au Beurre [48x70g] FZABK301
Bridor Pain Chocolat
Schulstad Ready To Bake Pain Chocolate [48x90g] FZBA087
Bridor Pain Raisin
Schulstad Ready To Bake Pain Raisin [36x105g] FZBA090
Maple Pecan Plait
Schulstad Maple Pecan Plait [48x100g] FZBA108
Cinnamon Swirl
Schulstad Cinnamon Swirl [48x88g] FZBA117
Apple Crown
Schulstad Apple Crown [48x100g] FZBA135
Apricot Crown
Schulstad Apricot Crown [48x100g] FZBA153
Vanilla Creme Crown
Schulstad Vanilla Crème Crown [48x100g] FZBA168
Schulstad Royal Danish Selection
Schulstad Royal Danish Selection [36x88/100g] FZBA234
Mini Danish Selection
Schulstad Mini Danish Selection [120x42g] FZBA252
Cheese and Onion Twist
Bridor Cheese and Onion Torsade [70x90g] FZBDOR156
Pizza Twist
Bridor Pizza Torsade [70x90g] FZBDOR170
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Au Chocolat
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Au Chocolat [180x70g] FZBDOR245
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Chocolat
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Chocolat [150x80g] FZBDOR251
Raw Butter Chocolate Torsade
Bridor Raw Butter Chocolate Torsade [65x120g] FZBDOR272
Bridor Pain Aux Paisin 130g
Bridor Raw Butter Pain Aux Raisin [90x130g] FZBDOR392
Bridor Mini Cinnamon Swirl [260x35g]
Bridor Mini Cinnamon Swirl [260x35g] FZBDOR428
Bridor Filled Almond Croissant
Bridor Ready To Bake Filled Almond Croissant Almond Topping [60x95g] FZBDOR560
Bridor Pain Au Chocolat 70g
Bridor Ready To Bake Butter Pain Au Chocolat [70x75g] FZBDOR596
Extravagants x 3
Bridor Ready To Bake Triple Chocolate Extravagant [60x95g] FZBDOR604

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