Ambient Food Category


  Description Stock Code
Arkady Dosoy [25kg] DOSOY01
Crunchhy Cob Malted Meal
Crunchy Cob Malted Meal [16kg] FLRC129
Carrs French Baguette Flour
Carrs Provence T55 100% French Flour [16kg] FLRF130
Heygates Cheata Heat Treated Cake Flour [16kg] FLRH207
Heygates Krisbite**12.5%** Pastry Flour [16kg] FLRK012
Carrs Maltster Flour
Carrs Maltster Flour [16kg] FLRM118
Heygates Norfolk Crunch Flour [16kg] FLRN018
Sungold Pastry Flour
Sungold Pastry Flour [16kg] FLRS150
Carrs Wholemeal Flour
Carrs Bakers Wholemeal Flour [16kg] FLRW488
Samson Wholemeal Flour (16kg)
Samson Wholemeal Flour [16kg] FLRW542

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