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"We have been using Freestons for over 20 years. They always provide a fast, reliable and very friendly service. Thank you Freestons"

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"We are very happy with the service that Freestons deliver. They are always very reliable, friendly and helpful, the service is really second to none."

Pastry Cutters - Norwich
Bakery Stall

As a local, independent company we have always found it important to suppport other local businesses. We source as many of our products as possible locally, including the famous Korker Sausages and Kentish Mayde Pies and Puddings.

We also procure all of our Sliced Meats, Fresh & Hard Boiled Eggs, Sandwich Fillings & Dairy Products locally, and a full range of Herbs and Spices and our delicious Pie Fillings are from Kentish Suppliers.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Specialist Ranges - Gluten & Sugar Free

As more and more of the population are being found to have allergies and intolerances, this combined with the continued drive from both the Government and health services for the public to live a cleaner lifestyle is pushing end users to look for different options when it comes to food.

As the bakery and foodservice sector reacts to this continually changing marketplace, chefs and bakers are being constantly challenged to create new and varying menu's to suit all tastes.

At Bradleys we offer a wide range of products that cater for vegetarian, gluten & sugar free diets, as well as reduced sugar and fat items that allow consumers to still indulge in a treat, whilst feeling better about what they are eating.

Our team are always happy to supply information on any of these ranges or to discuss the options that would best suit your business.

Photographing a Meal

Allergen Information

All of our products conform to the Food Standards Agency Guidelines, and all of our suppliers are either BRC, SALSA or ISO registered.

We carry a full specification for every product we supply, and these are now available to download as a PDF from this site; simply find the relevant product that you require using the menu at the top of any page or the search bar, and then download from the 'downloads' tab.

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Your Requirements

We are always happy to help with any requirements you may have. If there is anything you cannot see on the website please do not hesitate to give us a call and we will do our best to assist you.

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